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From beginning to the end, Reaction Exteriors exercises great care when installing your new or existing windows and doors. We make certain to protect the interior & exterior of your home at all times. Once your old window/door is removed, we will clean and prep the framing surround.

Drop cloths are used to protect flooring and we take the time to make sure your interior trim is left unharmed throughout the process. An Aluminum sill pan will then be positioned with DuPont flex wrap placed in the corners. This ensures a continuous barrier against water penetration. Then your new or existing window/door is installed per manufacturer specs. Batted insulation will be used to insulate gaps between the jambs and framing.

DuPont flashing tape is installed around the side flanges and then the top flange. It is important the tape on top overlaps properly. This tape is also thoroughly rolled to ensure proper adhesion. At this point aluminum head flashing is installed. If you have have exterior trim, we will secure with proper caulk gaps. A secondary head flashing is then also used. We will integrate the head flashing into your existing exterior cladding. Lastly, your window/door will be caulked on both the interior and exterior. We will manage any paint touch-ups at this time as well. You will be left with a properly installed window/door without any impact to other areas of your home.

Windows and Door Installation & Replacement

We serve to the communities of West Chester, Newtown Square, Chester County & the Tri-State area. 

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